qSample combines years of professional experience with the latest achievement in research and technology. A seasoned staff with Market Research and Data Collection experience. Most of our staff members hold advanced science degrees, MBAs and PhDs

As a client of qSample, we promise you the following:

  • Senior staff that handles project on an individual basis
  • Daily project status report
  • Business insights and perspective
  • Deliverables to your satisfaction

qSample Difference

Unified platform

Our sampling services allow you to complete your research project end-to-end under one roof.

Panel balancing

Pre qualified respondents that accurately represent the general population.

Panel Segmentation

Registered panelists must provide detailed demographic and background information, accounting for more than 300 data points collected from each member.

Participation control

Weed out bad panelists; Eliminating fatigue and bias by applying a variety of control measures through high level sampling filters.

Incentive model

Reasonable and effective incentive programs to reward panelists for their time taking surveys.

High Response rate

Thousands of members recruited daily, which results in panelists who are eager to participate in our research studies.

Double opt-in membership

Rigorous registration process to validate new members, and continuous profile updates through periodic survey screeners.

Low attrition rate

Good panel maintenance results in less than 2% of our members unsubscribing from the panel.

Experts at your fingertips

Highly skilled and dedicated project managers who understand the complexities of online data collection.