Where do you usually purchase your tools/materials from?

General Contractor

Contractor Feedback offers unparalleled value by providing companies such as lowes, Home Depot and others, a front row seat with professional home builders and industrial contractors who make purchasing decisions regarding a variety of tools and building materials they use on a daily basis. A deeply profiled and highly engaged research community of home building contractors, ContractorFeedback consists of thousands of home building experts who provide critical insights to leading manufacturers to aid in the development of new products and help shape the competitive landscape of the industry.

Reasons that Businesses use ContractorFeedback

Pre screened, double opted in respondents: Our panel consists of verified contractors who are pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in a variety of research studies at any level of specificity.

Panel Profiling: Rigorous registration process capturing key benchmark questions to ensure the right respondents are participating in our research studies. Custom recruitment: Flexibility to fine tune our panel based on project types – We have the ability to recruit members based on clients needs, making it even easier to target specific demographic. Research platform: Access to a robust integrated research platform that combines quant and qualitative methodologies which allows survey respondents to participate in online focus group at the completion of a survey. Mobile feedback: Over 60% of our members are actively using the ContractorFeedback mobile survey app, which facilitates capturing real time feedback in the form of mobile diaries, usability and in-store studies through mobile surveys.

ContractorFeedback at a glance:

  • Thousands of active panel members
  • Extensive profiling characteristics
  • Representative US sample
  • Interactive, engaged panel members
  • Custom incentives and rewards
  • Custom mobile app for real time data collection
  • 24/7 support system

Key Profile Dimensions

  • Job Title
  • Specialty
  • Project type
  • Annual revenue
  • Purchasing habits
  • License status
  • Demographics
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