QualStorm – Online focus group

QualStorm combines web and mobile technology to harness respondent feedback, using our custom, real time, qualitative platform which allows our clients to conduct in-depth interviews immediately after the respondent has completed a survey. QualStorm allows you, the client, to probe deeper into your respondent’s mind to achieve a higher level of granularity from your quantitative methodology.
  • 1. Take Surveys
  • 2. Schedule chat
  • 3. View reports of chat session

How live chat works

  • 1. Schedule a discussion
  • 2. Join a discussion
  • 3. Member chat session
Here’s how it works:
  • At the completion of a survey, respondents are invited to join the QualStorm discussion board
  • Members who agree to participate are automatically redirected to the focus group platform
  • The moderator initiates the discussion and members are free to participate and provide feedback on various survey topics
Key features:
  • Ability to upload video/audio files for discussion
  • Download chat transcript
  • Download participant profile information
  • Ability to cross reference survey data with focus group data
  • Extensive demographic reporting
  • Inline polling
  • Concept testing using video/audio
  • Incentivize respondents at the completion of the FG session
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