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Home-Owners Panel

Need to speak with homeowners regarding their current or future home renovation plans, or simply looking to understand what makes them tick when it comes to hot button topics such as home interest rates, mortgages, refinancing or estate planning.
HomeOwnersOpinion provides you, the client, a front row seat with a well recruited, qualified panel of American homeowners who are highly profiled and eager to participate in a variety of research studies. Unlike typical research panels, HomeOwnersOpinion is more of a community where clients not only ask strategic research questions, but can also use the community as a listening tool by engaging members through ongoing discussions on topics chosen by the client. The transcript is then analyzed with text analytics and cross-referenced with each participants profile and survey data, providing the client with a breadth of information for better business decision.
qSample also adds another layer to its community listening research platform by connecting the Homeowner and Building contractor panels through one integrated platform. Ongoing discussions and survey results can instantly be shared with each audience, giving both communities an opportunity to voice their opinions and be heard.

Reasons why Businesses use HomeOwnersOpinion for their research?

Real homeowners: Our members consist of verified home owners who are pre-screened and double opted-in for the purpose of research. These are individuals who want to interact with other homeowners and share their experiences.
You can stake your decisions on the responses: Our rigorous recruiting, profiling and registration process make it difficult to participate in surveys unless you are a homeowner.
You specify your mix of respondents: Custom recruitment with the flexibility to fine tune our panel based on project types and your research needs.
Research platform: Access to a robust integrated research platform that combines quant and qualitative methodologies which allows survey respondents to participate in online focus group discussions at the completion of a survey.
Gather data from any platform: Desktop, mobile, or tablet – Customize mobile app for each research community, which provides respondents with the ability to capture pictures, videos and give you more full-bodied and nuanced information than you have ever thought possible. This helps assure that all qualified individuals are able to participate regardless of what platform they have access to.

Home-Owners at a glance:

  • Over 250,000 active panel members
  • Extensive profiling characteristics
  • Representative US sample
  • Interactive, engaged panel members
  • Custom incentives and rewards
  • Custom mobile app for real time data collection
  • 24/7 support system

Key Profile Dimensions

  • Home Value
  • Type of dwelling
  • Frequency of repairs
  • Yearly repair spending
  • Type of repair/renovation
  • Home owners income
  • Future renovation needs
  • Demographic
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