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Access Not Ownership: Media Subscription Consumers

Media subscription services are more popular than ever, and qSample decided to find out why people choose the services that they do!

Why Are We Paying for 200 Channels When We Only Watch 17?

A recent study found that the average American pays for around 200 TV channels, but only watches 17. qSample found out why!

How Crowd-Sourcing has Impacted the Search for Flight 370

Everyone wants to know what happened to flight 370, so qSample took a look at how crowd-sourcing impacts the search!

Thawing Out? How Contractors are Dealing with the Weather

It was a tough winter. qSample found out how contractors dealt with the cold!

Technology Affecting the “Moviegoing Experience”

Technology is growing at an alarming rate. qSample found out how this affects moviegoers!


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General Contractors and Brand Preferences

We decided to research and see how much general contractors are attached to their brand of tools. And can anything make them change their mindset?


Going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup? It’s Going to Cost You!

These are a few of the costs Americans can expect to spend if they’re planning to attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup in just one week. Would you be willing to pay the price?

Baby Boomers Are Going Green!

Who’s leading the charge in the green movement? Baby Boomers! qSample created this infographic to show how boomers have gray hair and green hearts!

Who’s Footing the Spring Break Bill?

Each year, 1.5 million students spend over $1 billion on spring break, but 47% of students don’t have jobs during the school year. Who’s footing the spring break bill? qSample found out!

Baby Boomers Seeking Adventure

Baby Boomers earn 47% of our nation’s income, and represent 40% of consumer demand! Could Baby Boomers be your prime consumers?

10 Reasons to Use the qSample Panel Network

What can qSample do for you? This infographic explains why our services are the best fit for your needs!

March Madness is Back!

March Madness is back, and that means consumers are tuning in around the country. qSample has the facts!