Mobile Sentiments

Out with the Old

The hurdle that had often plagued visual studies was a lack of sound analytical techniques. The full impact of the visual insights got lost in the final results. This strategy renders verifiable data in a non-time consuming way.

The data maintains its integrity using the mobile platform. It requires little effort from the respondent rendering respondent fatigue obsolete.

It’s no longer

a guessing game

Use qSample’s robust mobile panel
for in the moment sentiment analysis

Find out what instant


connections consumers are making with your brand.

qSample’s new

Mobile Sentiment

research empowers consumers, through a show-and-tell format, to accentuate their distintive lifestyles and attitudes of the


they interact with.

How it works

Ask two quantitative questions

What are your feelings about your headphones and how they fit into your daily life?
How frequently do you use headphones?

Highly qualified respondents upload an image then comment on it.

They help me control my mood on the way to work.

They help me listen to me in an otherwise chaotic world” “They create an invisible barrier from any distrac-
ions around me.

Receive 300 completed surveys with quality images, valuable comments and comprehensive participant profiles with LifeMetrix data, including a word cloud report.

Top 5 reasons to use qSample’s Mobile Sentiment Panel
1) Take advantage of our robust mobile panel (Over Half a Million Users)
2) Fast turnaround.
3) Ability to capture valuable in-the-moment feedback for insight.
4) Access to Millennials.
5) Won’t kill your research budget. Allow yourself to do more research on more topics across an increased number of segments.