Pet Owners


Pet Owner Panel

While traditional panel providers tend to develop Pet Owner panels from a subset of their broad consumer panel, this panel recruitment approach tends to lack profile granularity, but more importantly, creates respondent fatigue, which ultimately results in poor response rate and data quality.

qSample’s Pet Owner panel is carefully recruited to target pet owners, but also takes into consideration certain key industry trends (geography, gender, age, purchasing behavior, playing habits, etc.) to ensure a well balanced and representative panel of pet owners. In addition to general profile information, survey data collected from respondents is backfed into our general profiler, giving our clients access to unlimited data points for sampling. As a result, this provides more survey space, which allows marketers and consumer insight professionals to focus their research on strategic questions that truly matter.

Why use the Pet Owner community?

Pre screened, double opted in respondents: Our panel consists of verified veterinarians who are pre-screened and highly qualified to participate in a variety of research studies at any level of specificity.

Extensive profiling: Our rigorous recruiting, profiling and registration process result in over 300 general profile data points collected on each member. Additional profile is stored based on ad-hoc survey data, which can be reused for sampling. Custom recruitment: Custom recruitment with the flexibility to fine tune our panel based on project types and our clients needs. Research platform: Innovative community listening research platform that combines quant and qualitative methodologies which allows survey respondents to participate in online focus group discussions at the completion of a survey. Data collection flexibility: Desktop, mobile, or tablet – Customize mobile app for each research community, which provides respondents with the ability to capture pictures, videos and give you more full-bodied and nuanced information than you have ever thought possible. This helps assure that all qualified individuals are able to participate regardless of what platform they have access to.

Pet Owners at a glance:

  • Thousands of active panel members
  • Extensive profiling characteristics
  • Representative US sample
  • Interactive, engaged panel members
  • Custom incentives and rewards
  • Custom mobile app for real time data collection
  • 24/7 support system
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