Quality, not quantity

As a market research tool, qSample is unmatched. Too many online panels are plagued by survey fatigue, and the proliferation of “professional survey takers” which can greatly skew respondent data, damaging the integrity of research results. qSample, however, is uniquely characterized by 3 attributes essential for extracting a quality sample:


qSample provides access to an ever-expanding universe of research participants -each member selected according to the strictest recruitment standards.

  • Access to US and international respondents to accomodate a broad spectrum of research needs.
  • Access to over 5 million members, who must each provide geographic, demographic, sociographic and psychographic information, accounting for over 400 data points.


We perform ongoing maintenance to maintain the integrity of our panels and ensure that they are not contaminated by issues such as participant bias or fatigue. To this end, we implement the following measures:

  • On-going recruitment of new members.
  • Continuous refreshment of member’s profile.
  • Selective survey invitation, to ensure that existing members only participate in surveys relevant to them. Thus, preventing the “survey invitation overkill.”


We actively recruit individuals who not only satisfy the given criteria, but who are most likely to participate in surveys or other research activities, and ultimately to provide valuable data for your business.

  • Impressive response and completion rate
  • High retention rate-minimal attrition
  • Participation control
  • Members are quarantined after every survey to prevent professional respondents, bias, and respondent fatigue.
  • Members are prevented from participating in multiple surveys simultaneously.
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