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Home Owners

Need to speak with homeowners regarding their current or future home renovation plans, or simply looking to understand what makes them tick when it comes to hot button topics such as home interest rates, mortgages, refinancing or estate planning? HomeOwnersOpinion provides you, the client, a front row seat with a well recruited, qualified panel of American homeowners who are highly profiled and eager to participate in a variety of research studies. – See more by clicking here

Baby Boomers & Social Media

BoomerOpinions provides companies with insights into the values and opinions of the largest, most affluent generation in America. BoomerOpinion research has identified important characteristics of the Baby Boomer generation, including their love of big toys, their desire for adventure, their belief in the Fountain of Youth and refusal to grow old, and a willingness to change careers or start new endeavors. – See more by clicking here

Contractor Panel

Contractor Feedback offers unparalleled value by providing companies such as lowes, Home Depot and others, a front row seat with professional home builders and industrial contractors who make purchasing decisions regarding a variety of tools and building materials they use on a daily basis. – See more by clicking here

Millennials and Smart Phones

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