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Developed and managed by qSample, Voterfeedback.com provides academic researchers, pollsters, campaign managers access to the first nationwide panel of likely voters to conduct online polling, ad testing, focus groups and in-depth interviewing among registered voters across the United States.
With landlines becoming a thing of the past, especially among voters under the age of 40, Voterfeedback harnesses the power of web, social media and mobile technology to address key industry challenges where traditional phone-based data collection has failed – speed, feasibility, accuracy and cost effective research. Extensive voting history record is attached to each panelist, giving the researcher access to a breadth of information pre and post data collection.
The development of voter-based research is the biggest technological change in the field of political polling since pollsters stopped knocking on doors and started calling people on the telephone.It meets the number one rule of polling to reach the broadest sample possible.

Advantages of using VoterFeedback

Innovative solution: Enterprise grade research and polling solution integrated with social media, web, mobile, online focus group, idea generation, specifically designed to meet the needs of even the most complex research projects allowing for real time reports and advanced analytics.
Unlimited profile: Full voting history from each participant that can be cross-referenced with subsequent research studies, including surveys, polls, ad testing, messaging and online focus groups.
Reach: Ability to deploy a single survey to multiple platforms (mobile and web) to provide broader reach and real-time, rapid feedback.
Pre screened, double opted-in respondents: Voterfeedback consists of verified likely voters who are pre-screened and carefully selected to participate in polling research.

VoterFeedback at a glance:

  • Double opt-in registered voters
  • Full voting history for each member
  • Nationwide representative sample
  • Custom mobile app for real time data collection
  • Facebook integration with historical voting data
  • Online focus group and group discussion forum
  • 24/7 support system

Key Profile Dimensions

  • State and VoterID
  • General demographics
  • Party affiliation
  • Primary, state or national election voting history
  • Voting precinct
  • Voting district
  • Household composition
  • Household voting history
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